Natural Remedies To Treat Pain And Inflammation Of The Feet

Natural Remedies

Do you usually have swollen and painful feet? Be sure to try these home remedies to eliminate these discomforts

In general terms, we always deal efficiently with the well-being of our face, our hands, even our legs, leaving aside our feet.

This terrible habit is lost at the moment in which we begin to perceive problems in them, perceived thanks to the pains emitted from that region; we can not give them the place they really deserve, forgetting that they are the main responsible for an action as important as moving to other places.

The feet, in addition to transporting us throughout the day, are also responsible for supporting the entire weight of the body; for this reason they tend to suffer intense pain related to overexertion.

There are other factors responsible for causing pain in this area, inappropriate footwear, direct hits, illness and extreme carelessness; Fortunately, there are also solutions to improve their condition and to treat pain.

The following are some propitious natural remedies to combat this condition in the feet.

Mint bath

Mint possesses properties such as anti-inflammation, therefore it is suitable to reduce the swelling present in the feet; In addition, it is also diuretic and refreshing, therefore apart from relieving the condition will also leave the feet and ankles in better condition.


  • Fresh mint: 3 tablespoons or 30 grams.
  • Water: 1 liter.


The water is heated for a random time, this depends on what is delayed while it begins to boil, just at that time the mint leaves are added and the process continues for about 10 minutes.

After the time the pan is removed from the stove and allowed to cool a bit, once cooled (not completely) is poured into a container where the feet fit, are introduced and left there for 15 minutes or until the mint bath Cool completely.

Water and salt bath

Perhaps it is the combination most used with regard to treating the subject of the swelling, not only in the legs but in any part of the body; the properties of the salt contribute in the decrease of the edema of appropriate form, in this case from the comfort of our room.


  • Sea salt: 3 ½ tablespoons or 40 grams, preferably thick.
  • Water: 4 cups or 1000 milliliters.

Preparation and use

First the water is divided between two cups or 500 milliliters, half of it will be heated; The water in the stove is added with the salt mitas and it is stirred as it dissolves, when it is completely dissolved, the water is poured into a container where both feet fit.

Immediately we introduce the feet and leave them for 10 minutes, after the time they dry up and that water is discarded; Now pour the other two cups of water (must be cold) and half of the salt into the bowl; we introduce the feet again, we leave them there for at least 4 minutes, and that’s it.

Sage and rosemary bath

This bath will not only serve for the swelling of the feet and ankles, but it will contribute to the relaxation of the whole organism.


  • Sage: 5 tablespoons or 50 grams.
  • Rosemary: 5 tablespoons or 50 grams.
  • Water: 2 cups or 500 milliliters.

Preparation and use

Heat the water and pour the ingredients while they are stirring. Once the infusion is ready, pour it into a container and insert the feet for at least 15 minutes.

Olive oil

Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, olive oil becomes a simple and propitious natural alternative to improve the condition of the feet, including the reduction of pain.


  • Olive oil: 10 drops.

What to do?

The drops are divided, 5 for each foot; They are applied to the palms of the hands while rubbing one another quickly to warm them up a bit, then rubbing one foot doing the massage in circles and with moderate pressure.

When finishing with one continue with the other, the procedure explained above is repeated. It is recommended to perform these massages just before going to sleep, also cover the feet with thick socks to conserve heat.


Usually the pain in the feet is due to inflammation or swelling caused by the bustle of the routine, this is where chamomile fulfills its function based on its anti-inflammatory properties.


  • Chamomile: 3 tablespoons of flower.
  • Water: 1 liter.

Preparation and use

To make a bath with this flower an infusion must be prepared, for that reason the liter of water is boiled, once it reaches its point the chamomile flowers are thrown.

Then let it rest a little and pour it into a container where both feet fit and a moderate massage is performed. It is recommended to do it every night for five days in a row.

Eucalyptus essential oil

As well as the components mentioned above, the essential oil of eucalyptus has great anti-inflammatory properties, which are conducive to reducing the swelling of the feet and therefore the pain that affects them.


  • Eucalyptus essential oil: 10 drops.
  • Water: 1 liter.

Preparation and use

Put the liter of water to heat, once it is warm it is deposited in a container where both feet fit; Then the 10 drops of eucalyptus essential oil are poured and mixed with the hand.

Dip both feet in the container and move them in circles very slowly in the water, they are left there for at least 18 minutes; as time passes, it dries them well and covers them with socks.

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