How To Clean The House Of Negative Energies With Lemon

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Every time you arrive at home you notice a heavy and heavy environment? Do you have the feeling that lately there are many discussions in your home? If so, it is probably because too much negative energy has accumulated in your home. According to esotericism, negative energy (also known popularly as “bad vibrations” or “bad vibes”) consists of the feeling that in a home there is an accumulated atmosphere of tension and displeasure on the part of the people who inhabit it.

To eliminate these negative energies at home and thus achieve a healthier and more balanced environment, many specialists in the esoteric world recommend using certain natural remedies from time to time that helps to “clean” these bad vibrations both from home and from people living in the said place. In the following article, we will explain how to clean the house of negative energies with lemon, which is one of the most effective treatments to eliminate this unhealthy environment.

How to know if there are bad energies at home – signs of negativity

As we have indicated, the negative energy in a house can be defined as that continuous feeling of being in a place full of tension and displeasure. However, this perception can be very subjective, so it is normal to ask yourself if there is any way to know if there really are bad vibrations accumulated in your home. Therefore, below we explain how to detect if there really is negative energy or not in the place where you live. You just have to be aware of if there are several signs of the following list:

  • The animals at home that are often restless or nervous for no apparent reason.
  • Have plants that are withered or die even though you provide them with proper care.
  • People who live in the home are often sick or do not recover completely from their ailments.
  • Continuous discussions or fights between the people who live in that house.
  • Feeling of noticing the constantly charged environment.
  • The appearance of unpleasant odors if you know what is their cause or where they come from.
  • Accumulation of dirt even if the home is cleaned daily.
  • Feeling frequently cold even if outside does not do or does not do so much.

How to clean the house of negative energies with lemon

If you have noticed several signs of which we have spoken before, that will mean that your home is impregnated with negative energies, so it will be necessary to use some natural and esoteric remedy to eliminate bad vibes. One of the most used products in the esoteric world to eliminate these negative feelings of a home is lemon. But, why is cleaning with lemon at home effective? According to esoteric beliefs, this fruit has both a purifying effect that manages to absorb the bad vibrations of the home, as well as stimulating and relaxing properties, which may be good to prevent the inhabitants from reloading little by little of negative emotions.

Now that we know why this fruit is recommended for these esoteric tasks, below we explain how to clean the house of negative energies with lemon:

  1. To clean the house of negativity, you just have to fill a glass of water and put a whole lemon inside it. It is important that you use a transparent glass cup to be able to observe well the changes in the fruit.
  2. Place the glass in the rooms of the house where you notice that bad vibes accumulate.

Now you will have to observe if some of the following changes occur during the following days:

  • If the lemon remains the same and is floating in the water, there is no negative energy in your home but the vibrations will be positive.
  • If the fruit sinks to the bottom this will mean that there is negative energy around you.
  • If the lemon is rotting with the passage of a few days or breaks is that absorbed the bad vibrations of this room. In this case you will have to throw it away and change both the water and put a fresh lemon.

Other tricks to clean negative energies at home with lemon

In addition to the previous trick, you can also use the following to clean your house of bad vibes with lemon; some of them also serve to cleanse the bad energies of the body:

  • Lemon and salt to clean the house of bad energies: you just have to put salt on a plate and then draw a cross on the lemon. Leave it on top of the salt and then put the dish under your bed 3 days in a row. If after 3 days it has rotted or is shown directly black it will mean that both your room and you will be clean of bad vibrations.
  • Lemon water to remove negativity: cut a lemon into pieces and boil it in a large amount of water. Let the steam from the pot permeate the entire house to purify the environment. Then put the boiled water in a spray can and apply it to all corners of your home so that it is clean.
  • Lemon peels to prevent negative vibrations: peel a lemon and then leave the peels in the sun to dry. Once they are dry, thread them with a thread and a needle until you make a kind of garland. Hang the shells both behind the doors and from the windows to prevent bad energies.

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