9 Foods That Can Trigger Migraines

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Studies have revealed that there are some foods that can trigger the migraine. Discover them and avoid them!

Migraine or migraine is a type of common ailment that, although it is characterized by a severe headache, it is usually accompanied by other symptoms such as throbbing sensation or throbbing pain, accompanied by sensitivity to light and sound, and sometimes nausea and vomiting.

This type of disorder can occur occasionally, but in some people it becomes recurrent and may be a reason for disability. Although it is not possible to cure it completely, there are some factors that can help in its prevention.

Food can act for good or bad in our health. In the case of migraine, it is best to avoid the consumption of certain foods that due to their properties may have an influence on the frequent occurrence of this problem.

Processed meats

This type of meat is not recommended for the diet and less for those who suffer from migraine.

The preserved meat contain tyramine and other additives that are used to make them look fresher longer, which can trigger or increase this discomfort.


Because of its high content of tyramine, olives are another of the foods that we must eliminate from the diet in case of migraine or recurrent headaches.


The more cured the cheese is, the more concentration of tyramine it will have. Its excessive consumption has a negative action in the body and can cause those severe migraines. Other people may also have migraines when they eat hot cheese.

Coffee, tea and cola

Excess caffeinated beverages can cause migraine, but not drinking it can also. This substance remains a mystery for researchers, since it has not been possible to determine if it is really good or bad for health.

For now, the recommendation is to drink coffee, tea and cola drinks in moderation so as not to completely eliminate caffeine.

Breads and grains

Bread yeast, yeast-made coffee cake, donuts, sourdough bread and generally all yeast foods can cause migraines according to a report from the University Health Services.


A report from the Mayo Clinic suggests that sweet foods containing chocolates may influence the increase in migraine.

Among these foods we find:

  • Chocolate ice cream.
  • The puddings.
  • The cookies.
  • The cakes.

Artificial sweeteners

All artificial sweeteners, including aspartame, also known by brand names such as Nutrasweet or Equal, saccharin and Splenda, have been reported as possible causes of migraine according to Relieve-migraine-headache.com.

Alcoholic drinks

Alcoholic beverages have a negative impact on the body when consumed in excess, but in people suffering from migraine the effects can be worse.

Drinks such as red wine, beer and sherry contain tyramine which is one of the substances that can influence the onset of migraine.

Dairy products

Fat-rich dairy products can trigger severe headaches and migraines. In case of suffering from this disorder it is best to choose those that are low-fat, deslactosed or low-fat.

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