Women’s Workout Routine To Get Strong


Do you want to lose weight but don’t know how to train? Learn how to do an effective exercise routine for women, in which you will burn calories, lose weight and, above all, tone. Learn how to do the exercise to lose weight: from the necessary time to how to do cardiovascular exercises and weight training.

Regardless of your goal of training in the gym – whether it is to lose weight, muscle definition or just burn fat – you must follow a good training routine to obtain the desired results: a routine that encompasses everything necessary in the precise times to that you truly notice the effect of exercise on your body.

How a training week should be

For a successful exercise routine you should distribute the training very well throughout the week. To see results in your body you must perform exercises with weights 3 days a week, resting day by half. On those days of rest you should do purely and exclusively cardiovascular exercise.

When you do the toning exercise you should take a day for legs and buttocks; another for chest, back and shoulders and one last for the arms.

When lifting weights

It is a mistake to think that lifting weights does not help you burn calories and lose weight: weight training will help you build firm muscles. It is recommended that women exercise with weights in the same way as a man to have effective results, but, yes, certain adjustments must be made, such as:

Make rest periods between shorter series.

Make the series longer from 5 to 6 series, with repetitions of 25 or 20
Making the longer series will favor fat burning and muscle definition, so repetitions of 4 sets of 25 is too little for this, opt for repetitions of 6 sets of 20 for faster results.

The right cardio

For weight loss training to be effective, we don’t just have to run on the treadmill or on the elliptical machine. We need to combine the intensities in the treadmill, going from high to low and vice versa. With this we will be able to burn more calories. If we run 30 minutes with the same intensity and at the same pace or pace, then we are not taking advantage of the time, because we are not burning as many calories as we can.

Use the cardio machine of your choice and preheat the body at level 1 for about 5 minutes, then go up to level 4 for about 3 minutes. Immediately go down to level 1 for about 4 minutes, that is, you will use the low levels for longer than you use the high level.

Tips for training in the gym

Remember to take your rest days calmly and eat healthy, since you need to let your muscles rest in order to achieve your weight loss goals and define.

Do not forget to always consult with your doctor any type of exercise you want to perform, especially if you suffer from any disease such as asthma, spinal problems and others.

For training to lose weight effectively, remember to follow the same exercises for at least four weeks before changing them or trying to increase weight – in these cases do it gradually. Now that you know how to do an exercise routine for women, you are ready to achieve your goals.

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