The Best Exercises With Elastic Bands


Are you thinking of exercising at home but do not have enough space or money to buy expensive, large and heavy equipment? We teach you to develop an athletic body in your home thanks to elastic bands, a great option for those people who, despite not having machines at home, want to get the best results.

While it is true that there is a wide variety of bands, there are three types that are considered more common: loop bands, tube bands with handles and mini bands. Each of them can give you a different resistance, determined by the stiffness and elasticity. Keep reading a HOWTO and we discover the best exercises with elastic bands so you can be healthy and get fit without leaving home.

Elastic leg band exercises

The exercises with resistance bands for legs and buttocks that you will see below will help you achieve healthy and athletic legs in a short time, because elastic bands (or resistance bands) are a key tool to speed up the process. With the following routine you can work: hamstrings, inner thighs, quadriceps, twins and buttocks.

Exercises with elastic bands for legs and buttocks

  • To perform the first exercise, sit on a mat with one leg extended on the floor and the other raised. Then, place the resistance band on the sole of the shoe of the limb that you have in the air, making sure that it is flexed. To perform the resistance exercise, extend the leg in its entirety while holding the ends of the resistance band with your hands and then gently return the leg to its initial position. In the image below you can see the exercise more clearly.
  • Squats with elastic bands: do the squats as you normally would but add the resistance band to get better results in less time. You just have to place the elastic band in a circular way around your knees and slowly lower feeling the pressure of the resistance band. It will improve your squats drastically!
  • Buttock kick with an elastic band: hook the resistance band on the foot you want to start with. Then, perform the normal gluteal kicks but do it little by little to the point that the elastic band allows. You should try to keep the leg straight at all times and hold the position with the stretched band. If you want to wear firm buttocks in a short time.

Elastic armband exercises

  • Bicep push-ups with elastic bands: the first thing you should do is to fasten the resistance band with the sole of your foot. Then, you take the handles of the band with your hands leaving your arms extended. To exercise the biceps, you will only have to pull the handles by retracting your elbows towards your shoulders and then slowly return them to their initial position.
  • Triceps extensions with elastic bands: the first step is to fix the resistance band in a high place in front of you ensuring that the handles are within reach of the abdominal area. After holding the bands with both hands, proceed to extend the elbows back to perform the resistance exercise. Then, return to the starting position gently. In this article on Exercises for the triceps you will find more proposals to lose weight and strengthen your arms.
  • Push-ups with elastic bands: to start look for a bench where you sit and hook the resistance band to the sole of your foot. Take a handle with your hand and place your wrist on your knee with your palm facing up. Finally, pull the elastic band flexing t

Other exercises with resistance bands

The exercises with elastic bands not only serve to strengthen arms and legs, but thanks to the versatility of this instrument we can work other areas of the body such as the abdominals, the pectorals, the deltoids and stop counting.

Other exercises with resistance bands

  • Chest press with elastic bands: look for a high place to hook the resistance band. Then, on your back, take one of the handles with your hand at shoulder height. To perform the exercise correctly, push the band frontally until the arm is fully extended.
  • Flights for front deltoids with elastic bands: fasten the resistance band at the height of your ankles at some point that allows the hitch. Then, on your back, take the handles on each side of your body at the level of the thighs. Now, stretch up until you get your arms straight up to shoulder height. Repeat according to the routine you have remember to return to the starting position gently.
  • Shrinkages with elastic bands: hook the band in a place of low height. Lie on your back and hold the handles on both sides extending your arms to the level of your knees bent. Start the exercise with elastic bands by bringing the shoulder blade up and then down, repeating as your routine dictates.

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