Strawberry Juice For Diabetes, Skin And More

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Strawberry juice is considered a food with low caloric content, but rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to the body.

In this sense, it has vitamin C, potassium, folic acid, manganese, copper, zinc, vitamin E, calcium, vitamins of the family B, polyphenolic compounds and natural sugars, all of which can have a very beneficial effect for the organism.

It is important to note that this juice can be consumed alone or mixed with other fruits to obtain a healthy and energizing drink at any time of the day.


Benefits of strawberry juice for health
Some of the most impressive health benefits of strawberry juice include its ability to maintain skin health, strengthen the immune system, lower blood pressure, stimulate circulation, prevent birth defects, increase bone mineral density, optimize the metabolism, speed up the healing process and protect health vision, prevents certain cancers and regulates blood sugar.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these benefits:

Skin protection With antioxidants and key vitamins, such as vitamin E and C, this juice is ideal for treating inflammation and skin irritation, while reducing the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines, as well as spots and other types of skin imperfections. The juice can be consumed internally or also topically to achieve these effects.

Improves bone strength With manganese, copper, iron, phosphorus, potassium and zinc, this juice can definitely help supplement your mineral intake and increase bone mineral density, reducing the risk of osteoporosis as you get older.

Reduces blood pressure Significant levels of the potassium mineral contained in strawberry juice make it excellent for reducing blood pressure. Potassium is a vasodilator that decreases the tension in the blood vessels and arteries, protecting against heart attacks, strokes and atherosclerosis.

It controls diabetes Dietary fiber has the ability to regulate blood sugar levels in the body, which eliminates blood sugar spikes and falls that can be so dangerous for diabetic patients. If you combine your strawberry juice, instead of extracting the juice, you will benefit from the fiber.

Boosts circulation Strawberry juice has a significant level of iron and other key minerals that can stimulate the circulatory system, facilitating the supply of oxygen to the cells and tissues of the body to function properly.

Prevents cancer Vitamin C, phytonutrients and folic acid can play a key role in the body’s fight against cancer. Fortunately, strawberries have large amounts of these active ingredients, so this juicy juice is a very effective tool to reduce the risk of cancer by reducing oxidative stress and preventing chronic diseases.

Improves metabolic activity B vitamins are key actors in metabolic activity, regulating everything from energy production to hormonal balance and strawberry juice offers high levels of vitamin B6, folic acid, riboflavin, niacin, and thiamine.

Accelerates healing The high levels of vitamin C in this juice stimulate the body to begin the healing process, which accelerates the recovery time after illness, injury or surgery.


Benefits of strawberry juice for skin and hair

Skin cleanser: the powerful acids and vitamins found in strawberries make this juice the perfect treatment to improve skin tone and provide antioxidant effects to inflamed areas. Mix some strawberry juice with rose water and massage in patches of dry or irritated skin. This can help protect against the sun’s harmful rays, while minimizing the appearance of wrinkles and aging spots.

Hair treatment: Some people apply strawberry juice directly to the scalp for a healthy hair massage, as it is known to calm dry skin and strengthen hair follicles, which can prevent dandruff and hair loss. This is due in large part to the presence of folic acid, vitamin C and other minerals found in this concentrated juice.


Strawberry Juice Recipes

Strawberry juice is relatively easy to make at home. Some people who prefer the traditional methods of “juices” will insist that there should not be any fibrous material of strawberries. However, mixing strawberries in a shake or a slightly thicker juice is an excellent way to get even more health benefits.

Strawberry juice for the skin


  • 1 cup chopped and washed strawberries
  • 1 cup chopped kiwi
  • 3 cups of water, filtered


  • Add the fruits in a blender and blend for a few minutes. Pour the contents into a glass and drink once a day.

Strawberry juice for diabetes


  • 1 cup unsweetened frozen strawberries, whole
  • 1 cup nonfat Greek yogurt
  • 1/2 cup cranberry


  • In a blender, place all ingredients and blend gently. Serve immediately and drink 1 glass a day.

Contraindications and side effects

Allergic reactions: Strawberries are known to have histamines, which are the chemical compounds that trigger allergic reactions in the body. Although they are at relatively low levels, some people experience allergic reactions such as skin irritation, stomach upset, throat itching or other minor allergic side effects.

Pesticide exposure: Strawberries are some of the worst fruits when it comes to possible exposure to pesticides, specifically due to the physical characteristics of berries, with dozens of small seeds and many places where pesticides can remain, even after a full wash. Therefore, to minimize your exposure to toxins, always choose organic strawberries that are grown without the use of pesticides.

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