7 Fruits Rich In Water That Help You Hydrate Your Body

Although watermelon is one of the best-known fruits to hydrate, pineapple also fulfills this function and, in addition, it is anti-inflammatory and prevents fluid retention. Daily water consumption is one of the habits that we must adopt if we want to avoid health problems. Although we ignore it, this liquid interferes with the functioning of […]

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Moringa, The Miracle Tree

Moringa is a tree that offers valuable nutritional and energy resources, and stands out for its medicinal properties, from combating fatigue, cholesterol or inflammatory processes to preventing infections. What are moringa and active ingredients Those who have traveled through East Africa or India, and even more so those who have worked as NGO cooperators or […]

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9 Foods That Can Help Heal Broken Bones More Quickly

Anyone who has broken a bone or even had a thin fracture – which probably includes most of us – knows the misfortune caused by stabbing pain, countless restrictions and itching under the cast. Although age, health status and type of fracture determine the speed of healing, rest and proper nutrition can also accelerate bone […]

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toxic liver

7 Symptoms That You Have A Toxic Liver And Don’t Know It

Your liver is not only the largest internal organ in the body, but also one of the most important. It stores energy, regulates hormones, aids digestion and filters blood. It goes without saying that it is a vital entity without which your body would stop functioning efficiently. Liver failure, if not diagnosed in the early […]

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5 Ways A Homemade Mint And Lemon Foot Soak Can Benefit Your Health

Stressed for a long day at work? Try a foot soak, which can help you relax and eliminate that bad smell from your feet too. Soaking your feet is even beneficial to eliminate any fungus you may have on your feet and can also help eliminate harmful toxins. The best part of soaking your feet […]

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Why Are Your Hands Numb? – 5 Reasons For You To Pay More Attention To Your Health

Probably on some occasion, you have experienced a feeling of numbness and tingling in the hands, something that occurs due to a temporary interruption of blood circulation in the limb. Next, in this article, we will show you the 7 main reasons why your hands go numb so that you can detect any health problems […]

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