Use our mobile app to schedule and perform a video consultation

Download the mobile app from the relevant app store according to your device. You can use these links:

Позволете нотификациите за Хелтико

Make sure that you allowed notifications for Healthyco, this is the way you will be notified in case the doctor needs more information and when the consultation begins.

Login with your Healthyco login details.

Вход в Хелтико
Намери лекар

Start with finding your preferred physician. Use the "Physicians" menu in the bottom.

After choosing a specialist, tap on the "Book now" button on their profile.

Запазете час
Натиснете за старт

When the time for the consultation comes you will get a notification on your device and a yellow label "Tap to start" will appear on the appointment.

In case you want to see the doctor's recommendation you can always do it using the History menu in your Account.

История на консултациите

Запази час за видео консултация през приложението ни:

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