Healthyco empowers patients from Eastern European countries to consult local or foreign physicians and get а professional video or written opinion about a health problem.

Online Consultation
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What is Healthyco?


Healthyco is a mobile and web application which helps patients consult local or foreign physicians and get а medical opinion about a health problem. Find physicians online, schedule and pay for appointments and perform online video or written consultations with them in just a few taps.

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How do we help?


When it comes to our health we want the reassurance of a valued and objective medical opinion, but not everybody has the time, money, ability or know-how to jump on a plane and visit top physicians overseas. On the other hand top local doctors are frequently hard to reach and you need to wait for months to see them. That’s where Healthyco comes in. With the help of cutting edge technology we connect patients to top health professionals all over the world, allowing them to book, pay and receive consultations using their mobile (iOS or Android) device or a computer. Get your prescribed treatment and diagnosis verified by a specialist who may be thousands of kilometres away without leaving the comfort of your home or workplace; see and hear your doctor as if you are in their clinic; save money, time and discomfort all with the help of Healthyco.

Why you'll love us

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Shortlist the best specialists for your needs in a breeze

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Fully integrated experience. Everything happens on your smartphone or web browser

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Face-to-face experience via video chat or convenient written communication

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Easily recall your specialist’s recommendations via the app history

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How do I pay?

You pay for your consultation beforehand using our integrated secure payment page. We are currently not storing any payment details in the Healthyco platform so you will be asked for your credit/debit card details in the last step of the booking process.

How does Healthyco earn its money?

Healthyco takes a commision for each appointment to cover expenses for running the service.

How much time does a video consultation take?

This depends on the case being investigated. Each consultation slot for a doctor is 30 minutes long and you have the ability to extend it one time for free for 5 minutes. You can, however, book more than one slot as long as they are consecutive.

What happens with my personal data which I share with the doctor?

Any piece of personal data which is stored in Healthyco is encrypted following industry standard security practices and is accessible only to you and the professional you are communicating with.

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